In 1969, The Beatles performed on the rooftop in January – John in fur coat and black trousers, Paul in black suit and white shirt with green stripes, George in green trousers and the black fur he’d wore at his wedding years earlier, and Ringo in red mac.

They released two iconic albums :”Yellow Submarine” (17 Jan): which served as the soundtrack to the animated film of the same name, and “Abbey Road” (26 Sep) which is widely regarded as one of The Beatles’ masterpieces. The album cover, featuring the band walking across the zebra crossing outside Abbey Road Studios, became instantly recognisable. All four showcased their unique fashion preferences – John wore a white suit and white lace shirt, Paul a double-breasted blue suit, Ringo an Edwardian Frock Coat and George double denim.

Facing internal tensions, they would ultimately disband in 1970. The individual members were already exploring their solo careers and pursuing personal interests, influencing their fashion choices and musical directions.

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