In 1965, The Beatles were highly active both musically and culturally. They released two albums in the UK during this year: “Help!” (6 Aug, the soundtrack for their 2nd feature film) and “Rubber Soul” (3 Dec), which marked a significant departure from their earlier sound, incorporating folk, rock, and even some elements of Indian music.

1965 saw The Beatles embracing a more sophisticated and eclectic style compared to their earlier years as they adopted a more individualistic approach to fashion. They began experimenting with different looks influenced by the emerging counterculture. Perhaps their most notable look in 1965 was the military influenced matching jackets that they wore for the world’s biggest concert at Shea Stadium. The head of Wells Fargo (who were responsible for security), handed them each a badge which they attached to their jackets before performing in front of 56,000 fans.

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